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Podere Erica Extra Virgin Olive Oil Direct to your Door

With the bountiful 2022 harvest of our organic Tuscan olives complete, we are happy to announce that we can ship our delicious organic extra virgin olive oil direct to your door. See pricing below.

Just hit the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page if you are interested in ordering our olive oil. Of course, we can also ship our natural wines direct to your doorstep.

Olio Nuovo 2022

At Podere Erica, our olive tree grove features a mix of varieties - Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo and Pendolino. Our organic olives are harvested by hand and taken in small batches to the local frantoio or olive press within hours of harvest. Unlike the old stone presses, the modern frantoio is more of a high tech laboratory. Our olives are cold-pressed to ensure maximum aromatic quality and minimum acidity. Our organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is superb with a bright green color with golden hues, a harmonious and fresh fruit aroma, and the taste is balanced with peppery spiciness and the right amount of bitterness with a slight aftertaste of artichoke.

Getting your hands on "Olio Nuovo" or new olive oil fresh from pressing is a special treat! And as long as you store your olive oil properly, it will stay delicious for a year. We filter our olive oil in order to ensure better conservation. We offer 500ml bottles, 1-liter tins and 5-liter tins. The 500ml bottles make great gifts while the large tins are perfect for all you home chefs. Prices below include shipping and customs to USA.

  • $225 for pack of 6 glass 500 ml bottles

  • $200 for 4 1-liter tins

  • $225 for a 5-liter tin

The more you order, the better the price per liter!

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